Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fear Response

The one Fear project that I responded most to was that of Brittany May. Her fear about telling people about being and "ace" or asexual, was probably the hardest for anyone to bring up in class. You could obviously tell how hard it was for her to be there and speak and fidget. But not only did she break that fear, but she was brave enough to do it while standing up in front of the whole class.

I found it amazing, the strength she had to tell us about her being asexual. Besides Leigh, I don't know if anyone really discussed something so intimate to them. I know that my fear project seems so trivial compared to theirs, but none the less, still fears. Maybe we all just chose to focus on something that wasn't so personal.

I don't know a kind of fear in my life, that could even be on the same plain as Brittany's. I don't think that I would have changed my project any, had I heard hers first, but who knows. I've got mad respect for her!

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